How We Work

Collaborating to meet your goals for print

Delivering Key Insights to Optimize your Print, Paper and Distribution Strategy

Lindenmeyr Central really is more than a paper merchant. We advise our customers on selecting the right paper, and keep them up to speed on distribution trends. We develop mill sourcing strategies, negotiate contracts and help manage the logistics of transporting printed materials.

Our knowledge around the publishing industry also provides clients the critical data and forecasting they need to make long- and short-term decisions influencing their business, and lets them focus on other strategic aspects of their business.

Strategic Mill Sourcing

Cost Benchmarking

Paper Pricing Methodologies

Paper Inventory Management

COC Certification

Order Logistics & Management

Client Support Team

Detailed Reporting

Consulting Services

Bringing expertise to the process

Procurement Consulting

In addition to our expertise in paper products, Lindenmeyr Central is also a leader in procurement consulting and cost management. In fact, over the past 24 months, our J.S. Eliezer division has negotiated more than $1 billion in contracts across multiple categories on behalf of our clients.

  • Print manufacturing
  • Paper requirements
  • Distribution (freight, co-mail, administrative fees)
  • Managed RFPs
  • Invoice auditing

Production Consulting & Services

Our J.S. Eliezer division is the nation’s foremost print and distribution consultancy, with a 50-year history of providing services that let clients focus more on their core business. We also offer a range of production services and operational assistance.

  • Print production
  • Print and paper vendor procurement and relations
  • Contract management
  • Cost budgeting, forecasting and analysis
  • Schedules & specs