The Power of Print

The right words. The right images. Printed on just the right paper.

Fashion & Apparel

Geared more towards content over product, fashion and apparel catalogs today are more about lifestyle, aesthetics and creating a connection to the brand.


Travel & Leisure

Lifestyle publications and marketing pieces re-imagine what travel and fine living can be, blending food, culture and architecture for passionate travelers who make plans based on the experiences they want to have.

Food & Wine

There is a realness on paper that screens can’t compete with, especially for foodies. We are all yearning for the tactile and tangible, both at our kitchen tables and in our books, magazines, journals and catalogs.

Health & Fitness

Paper readers are more focused, finding motivation in health and fitness content that inspires exploration—from lifestyle and diet changes to better ways to move, stretch and recharge.

Home & Design

Flipping through a favorite shelter mag or catalog often reveals an interesting detail, reminding us what the eye is naturally drawn to when designing our own spaces.

Parenting & Family

Through every stage of family life, from pregnancy and babies to raising kids and college, we count on the products, advice and insights that various publications provide.


Investing & Finance

Consumers rely on account statements, annual reports, newsletters and brochures for data and information on financial service and their investments.

Hobbies & Activities

Generations of hobbyists have been inspired by the pages of magazines and catalogs, feeding a passion that endures throughout one’s life.

Creating value across paper, print and marketing solutions

Our customers know paper choice is critical when communicating with their audiences, and look to Lindenmeyr Central to help produce a range of print pieces that deliver results.

Our Services

From paper procurement and management to postal optimization, we provide specialized services for retailers, catalogers, publishers, direct marketers, financial services providers, digital native and direct to consumer companies.

Our Relationships

Lindenmeyr Central maintains deep, long-standing and, in some cases, exclusive distribution relationships with leading paper manufacturers around the world, enabling us to provide the precise right paper for any print project.

Our Industry

We believe in the power of print and we’re proud that paper is one of the world’s few truly sustainable products. Lindenmeyr supports a range of initiatives and organizations that help the industry adapt and thrive in an evolving landscape.