Lindenmeyr Central and its parent, Central National Gottesman, hold strong our promise to preserve and protect the environment for future generations, and we stay true to these values in a number of ways. Our commitment includes verified conformance with chain-of-custody standards and third-party certification audits, as well as sustainability best practices within our own facilities and partnerships with mills that share our vision and commitment to the environment.

Chain of Custody

Lindenmeyr Central is committed to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of our forests and natural surroundings. We can assure our customers that our paper and packaging products are made with raw materials from certified forest content, certified sourcing or recycled content by upholding the chain of custody standards for FSC®, SFI® and PEFC™ papers. These global non-profits ensure that their member companies adhere to strict forest management standards, utilize renewable energy, and make appropriate use of recycled fiber in the production of their products.

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Supplier Partner Programs

Lindenmeyr Central has long-standing, strong relationships with all of the major global paper manufacturers including those that have built their businesses on a foundation of sustainability. We work with mill suppliers who care about the environment as much as we do, implementing the following initiatives:

  • Incoming products with environmental certifications have increased by 20%
  • Use of certified forest fiber and renewable energy sources
  • Recycling program of t8 fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury
  • Reduced chemical, energy and water usage, as well as reduced effluent discharge
  • Increased manufacturing of products with recycled fiber
  • Partnerships with thought leading non-profits such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and the UN Global Compact

Our Sustainability Services

As companies around the world continue to focus more on environmental, social and governance issues Lindenmeyr Central is here to help. We work with clients to facilitate Sustainability Studies and Sustainability Policy Development Programs in order to assess the “current state” of their sustainability practices and to create or improve/update/enhance existing programs, policies and external communications to the marketplace.

EPAT: Measuring Supplier Sustainability

Lindenmeyr Central uses the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT), which tracks and monitors the environmental footprint of the paper and packaging products we sell.

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