Our Commitment to Sustainability

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure a sustainable paper supply chain, Lindenmeyr Central uses the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT) as a system to track and monitor the environmental footprint of our paper products. We utilize EPAT data with our suppliers to monitor their environmental performance and metrics, as well as with our customers to provide an environmentally consultative sales approach.


What is EPAT?

EPAT is a web-based tool that allows suppliers of paper and paper-based packaging to share key environmental performance metrics with their customers. EPAT users include leading suppliers and buyers of paper and paper-based packaging in North America, Europe and Asia. EPAT provides paper buyers with a centralized system to track suppliers, using over 25 key sustainability metrics, including specific data on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. The tool offers all the key elements of a reliable scorecard and enables dialogue around the sustainability aspects of paper and paper-based packaging manufacture.

How does EPAT work?

Suppliers upload operation-specific environmental performance data into EPAT and share it with customers. Together, buyers and suppliers work to track sustainability goals and demonstrate leadership in supply chain transparency.


Why Use EPAT?

 Why Use EPAT?